Episode 236

Andy steps in for Joe

Some notes from Andy

Things to add to as an addendum when you post the blog: chick in Battlestar Galactica = Katie Sackhoff, also in Longmire, Chronicles of Riddick, Mandalorian, reoccurring villain on The Flash. / guy in Highlander and Greystoke, the Legend of Tarzan, and “that show” = Christopher Lambert, recently on The Blacklist, also in Mortal Kombat.
Also, the chick in Legend and girlfriend in Ferris Bueller’s Day Off = Mia Sara, also in Time┬áCop.

Episode 230

the guys talk about The Mensch and The Machine as well as American Gods and “I Can’t”

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The Mensch and The Machine

due to scheduling there isn’t a podcast this week. check out the Mensch and The machine episode 0